Volume 17, Issue 1, 1994

Cover, 1
News, 2-15
Keynote Address: Situational Analysis and Network Analysis, 16-22
Sex in Bipartites, 23-25
Hage,Per, , Harary,Frank,
MAP: A Computer Program for Collecting Network Data, 26-30
Measuring Concurrency, 31-34
Morris,Martina, , Kretzschmar,Mirjam,
STOCENT and STOCENTD: Stochastic Centrality and Prestige for Actors in a Social Network, 35-44
Koehly,Laura, , Wasserman,Stanley,
Abstracts, 50-87
Titles: 1994 Sunbelt Social Network Conference, 75-93
Miscellaneous, 88-93

Volume 17, Issue 2, 1994

Calendar, 1
Announcements, 2-5
International Social Network Conference, 6-11
Network News, 12
Borgatti, Stephen P.
Ties and Bonds, 13-27
Wellman, Barry
I Was a Teenage Network Analyst: The Route From the Bronx to the Information Highway, 28-45
Wellman, Barry
A totally true account of how I discovered network analysis as a pre-postmodern Bronx teenager and what it has taught me about personal communities, social support, and computer-supported networks of work and community.
Displaying Hierarchical Clusters, 46-52
Freeman, Linton C.
Visual images are widely used in reporting the results of scientific research (Koestler, 1964; Arnheim, 1970; Taylor, 1971; Tukey, 1972; Klovdahl, 1981). In recognition of that fact, scientists often devote a good deal of effort to the development of visual devices for the display of their models and their observations.
KRACKPLOT 3.0: An Improved Network Drawing Program, 53-55
Krackhardt, David, Blythe, Jim, McGrath, Cathleen
A new version of KrackPlot, graph layout software for social networks, has recently been completed. The new version is written in C++ and will run on a PC with 386 chip or better.
A Procedure for Assessing Large Scale "Total" Networks Using Information from Key Informants, 56-60
Torenvlied, Rene'
Social Networks of Decision-Making in a Farming System: An Exploratory Study in a Rural Area, 61-74
Ghosh, Bhola Nath
Techniques: Using MDS to Infer Relative Status from Dominance Matrices, 75-77
Borgatti, Stephen P.
Teachers Corner: How to Explain Hierarchical Clustering, 78-80
Borgatti, Stephen P.
Abstracts - Articles, 81-114
Abstracts - Books, 115-127
Abstracts - Dissertations and Book Chapters, 128-130

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