Volume 4, Issue 1, 1981

Network Notebook, 1-5
Meeting Calendar, 6-9
Resources for Longitudinal Network Analysis, 10-21
Rice, Ronald E.
This paper is essentially a bibliographic resource of longitudinal network analysis research and methods. The text represents only a few paragraphs -- for brevity's sake -- of a paper presented to the Sunbelt Social Networks Conference in Tampa, Florida. That paper provided introductory concepts and terms, as well as examples and some review of the sets of literature categorized by the section headings below. What is most conspicuously missing here are explanations of actual research and tools used under each approach listed. Only the most comprehensive reviews under each approach are noted, with a few comments.
Relational Databases for Combined Network and Attribute Data Files: A SAS Implementation, 22-31
Mulherin, James P., Kawabata, Hugh M., Sonquist, John A.
In this paper we will outline some of the most basic aspects of "relational" database procedures and will conclude with a social network illustration of some powerful relational operators as implemented with the file managing capabilities of an existing statistical package, the Statistical Analysis System (SAS) (1979). SAS has an extensive set of file handling capabilities and is widely available on large-scale, IBM-compatible equipment. Although not designed according to current DBMS criteria, the file procedures in SAS are sufficient to implement some relational operators although they will not be highly efficient in use of computer resources. Researchers with combined network and attribute data will thus be able to save a great deal of time by avoiding having to write special purpose, data management programs. For some researchers the procedures illustrated here will permit then to combine the two types of data analysis for the first time. In later papers we expect to explore the uses of existing data management capabilities in other statistical packages (e.g., OSIRIS IV and SPSS-SIR for solving this problem).
Special Journal Issues, 32-36
Thesis Summaries, 37-40
New Books, 41-45
Abstracts, 46-75
Computer Programmes, 76
Course Outlines, 76

Volume 4, Issue 2, 1981

Network Notebook, 1-4
Meeting Calendar, 5
Social Networks: A Beginner's Bookshelf, 6-10
Freeman, Linton C.
Summary of Research on Informant Accuracy in Network Data and on the Reverse Small World Problem, 11-25
Bernard, H. Russell, Sailer, Lee
Recently, we completed a series of experiments in network analysis, under support from the Office of Naval Research, Division of Organizational Effectiveness. In this report, we summarize our research and our findings. The experiments are in two major areas of social network analysis. The first concerns the accuracy of data collected by asking people to recall their communications with others. Since virtually all theories of organizational structure, and of information diffusion are based on such data, it seemed important to know whether the data are accurate.
Russell's Paradox (Part II), 26
Freeman, Linton C.
Goedel's Spoof: A Reply to Freeman, 27
Killworth, Peter D.
The Norwegian Connection: Eilert Sundt and the Idea of Social Networks in the 19th Century Ethnology, 28-31
Caulkins, Douglas
New Books, 32-34
Special Journal Issues, 35-39
Abstracts, 40-57
Teaching Aids, 58-59

Volume 4, Issue 3, 1981

Network Notebook, 1-4
Meeting Calendar, 5-7
Ethnography and Analysis: A Test of Some Procedures, 8-9
Mitchell, J. Clyde
Study of "Connections" Newsletter and the "Social Networks" Journal, 9
Breithecker-Amend, Renate, Wolf, Annemarie
Special Journal Issues, 10-11
Thesis Summaries, 12-14
New Books, 15-19
Abstracts, 20-46
Computer Programmes, 47
Index to Volume IV, 48-52
Directory, 53-59

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