Volume 7, Issue 1, 1984

Network Notebook, 1-3
Special Journal Issues, 4-5
Thesis Summaries, 6
Computer Stuff, 7
Directory, 8-68

Volume 7, Issue 2&3, 1984

Network Notebook, 3-4
Meeting Calendar, 5-7
The Social Psychology of Long Term Relationships, 8-13
Argyle, Michael, Clarke, David, Collett, Peter
In this research programme an attempt is being made to discover and document the relationship process, which leads to success or breakdown of marriage and other relationships. Initially a start was made on a number of lines of research. There was a cross-cultural survey of the rules of relationship, and a number of smaller surveys and questionnaires were also administered, dealing with specific aspects of the main kinds of relationships, such as friends, marriage, parents and children, colleagues at work, and so on. These have been distinguished in terms of the different goals, rules, feelings, situations, satisfactions, difficulties and conceptions of fairness appropriate to each. A 'comparative anatomy' of relationships is starting to emerge, showing the major constituents and properties of each type.
Market Structure and Cooptation, 14
Ziegler, Rolf
The Social Structure of Urban Black Social Support Systems, 15-16
Oliver, Melvin
Sampling Issues in Surveys of Aging and Intergenerational Relationships, 15
Marshall, Victor
International Comparisons of Interlocks, 16-17
Thesis Summaries, 18-19
New Books, 20-37
Special Journals, 38-46
Abstracts, 47-112
Select, Project, and Joint Operation Using SAS, 113-121
Sonquist, John
New Multidimensional Guttman Scaling Program, 113
White, Doug
Personal Connections, 122-123
Index, 124-126

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