Volume 8, Issue 1, 1985

Networking Notebook, 3-5
Meeting Calendar, 6-7
Informant Corroboration of Social Support Data, 9-13
Jr., Manuel Barrera, Baca, Louise, Christiansen, John, Stohl, Melinda
Research Reports: Short Takes, 14-20
Sunbelt Abstracts, 21-31
Thesis Summary, 32
Phillips, Lynne
Special Journal Abstracts, 33-40
Abstracts, 41-58
New Books, 59-69
PROBNET: A Program to Calculate the Probability of Network Connectedness, 70
Klovdahl, Alden, Ly, T. D.
On Designing the Database for a Network Study, 71-76
Sonquist, John

Volume 8, Issue 2&3, 1985

Network Notebook, 80-88
The State of the Network: A Reprot to Members, 89-93
Wellman, Barry
Meeting Calendar, 94-98
Levine's Atlas of Corporate Interlocks, 99-110
Levine, Joel
In 1972, Joel Levine pretty much started the corporate interlock trade with his ASR paper, "The Sphere of Influence". In 1984, he has published his comprehensive Atlas. It is in two volumes, with many multicolored maps. It is truly an atlas , using maps and data to describe networks, not geography. Patterns of corporate interlocks are reduced to maps by means of two unique algorithims (centroid scaling; frequency reconstruction scaling) that provide an overview of the relative positions of key corporations, groups of corporations, and directors.

The network includes 400 of the largest publicly held corporations of the world and their 8,000 directors . Who are the members of the Chicago group of corporations? Map and data show the group. What is the pattern of the Texas group? The map suggests that there is no Texas group; paths from Houston to Dallas are likely to pass through New York. What is the path from New York to Paris? Maps and data show the two groups and indicate intermediaries.

This 1st edition is based on primary and secondary sources available in January, 1980 . Volume 1 discusses the techniques and the data, and presents extensive maps of world interlocks and various sectors. It contains a lengthy table listing all of the corporations in the network and their boards of directors. Volume 2 is one table, listing each of the 8,000 directors, the corporations on whose boards they sit, and the other members of these boards. Thus these data (on 400 pages of tables) are organized for quick reference to corporation-to-corporation interlocks and to the indirect contacts by which directors may reach boards of other corporations.
Social Network Analysis in Britian, 111-113
Mitchell, J. Clyde
Monte Carlo Runs on Two Blocking Measures, 114-118
General Social Survey Items, 119-123
Burt, Ronald
Thesis Summaries, 124
Special Journal Abstracts, 125-149
Abstracts, 150-167
New Books, 168-174
FORTRAN Programs for Network Analysis, 175
Mitchell, J. Clyde
Using SAS Software to Link Personal Network, Tie and Individual Data: A Novice's Guide, 176-186
Wellman, Barry, Baker, Susan Gonzalez
MIST+, 187
Index to Volume 8, 189

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