SINSA2020: Summer Institute in Network Science and its Applications

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Monday, June 22, 2020 to Friday, July 3, 2020
Boston, MA, USA

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SINSA2020: Summer Institute in Network Science and its Applications

June 22-July 3, 2020, Boston


The Network Science Institute at Northeastern University NetSI, in partnership with Indiana University Network Science Institute IUNI, will be hosting a 2-week summer institute in Boston. 


The Summer Institute in Network Science and its Applications (SINSA) will offer eight short, intensive courses in network science theories, methods, and applications to meet the increasing interest across disciplines in network science approaches. 

Course offerings are loosely divided into two parallel tracks to cover fundamental network science topics (track 1), such as network geometry and dynamics, and network science applications (track 2), such as biological and social networks. Each course will be 3-days long, and will be taught by two excellent, highly esteemed instructors. Participants can take one stand-alone course, or register for up to four courses for a full 2-week immersive experience.

There will also be numerous collaboration opportunities, social events and weekend and evening activities organized throughout the 2 weeks, to be announced.

Registration will open January 2020. You can find additional information at the SINSA website: Feel free to contact organizing chairs, kate coronges, or Ann McCranie with any further questions.


Course offerings include:


  Session 1 - June 22-June 24


Track 1:  Network Science Principles

Laszlo Barabasi (Northeastern University)

Baruch Barzel (Bar-Ilan University)


Track 2:  Social Network Theories and Methods

Noshir Contractor (Northwestern University)

Alina Lungeanu (Northwestern University)


  Session 2 - June 24-June 26 


Track 1: Network Processes & Dynamics

Alex Vespignani (Northeastern University) 

Yamir Moreno (ISI, University Zaragoza)


Track 2: Network Biology 

Tijana Milenkovic (University of Notre Dame)

Trey Ideker (UC San Diego)


  Session 3 - June 29-July 1


Track 1:  Network Structures 

Tiago Peixoto (Central European University)

Santo Fortunato (Indiana University) 


Track 2:  Machine Learning in Networks

Bruno Ribeiro (Purdue University)  

Jure Leskovec (Stanford University)


  Session 4 - July 1-3, 2020


Track 1: Network Geometry 

  1. Angeles Serrano (University of Barcelona)

Dima Krioukov (Northeastern University)


Track 2: Network Neuroscience 

Petra Vertes (University of Cambridge)

Olaf Sporns (Indiana University)