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Simmel Award

The Simmel Award is given annually to the keynote speaker at the Sunbelt Social Networks Conference. The recipient is selected by the conference hosts in consultation with INSNA's Board of Directors. Expenses to attend the conference are part of the award. The award is named in honor of Georg Simmel.

Georg Simmel (1858-1918) was a German sociologist whose studies pioneered the concept of social structure. He was a key precursor of social network analysis. His most famous works today are "The Philosophy of Money", "The Stranger", "The Web of Group Affiliation" and "The Metropolis and Mental Life".

Award Winners

2017 Sunbelt XXXVII (Beijing, CN) Ronald S. Burt
2016 Sunbelt XXXVI (Newport Beach, CA) Garry Robins
2015 Sunbelt XXXV (Brighton, UK) Tom Valente
2014 Sunbelt XXXIV (St. Pete Beach, FL, USA) Jeff Johnson
2013 Sunbelt XXXIII (Hamburg, Germany) John F. Padgett
2012 Sunbelt XXXII (Redondo Beach, CA, USA) David Krackhardt
2011 Sunbelt XXXI (St. Pete Beach, FL, USA) Kathleen Carley
2010 Sunbelt XXX (Riva del Garda, Trento, Italy) Thomas A. B. Snijders
2009 Sunbelt XXIX (San Diego, CA, USA) Phillip Bonacich
2008 Sunbelt XXV (St. Pete Beach, FL, USA) Steve Borgatti
2007 Sunbelt XXVI (Corfu, Greece) Vlado Batagelj and Anuska Ferligoj
2006 Sunbelt XXVI (Vancouver, BC, Canada) Edward Laumann
2005 Sunbelt XXV (Redondo Beach, CA, USA) Ronald Breiger
2004 Sunbelt XXIV (Portoroz, Slovenia) Frans Stokman
2003 Sunbelt XXIII (Cancun, Mexico) Alvin Wolfe
2002 Sunbelt XXII (New Orleans, LA, USA) Philippa Pattison
2001 Sunbelt XXI (Budapest, Hungary) Martin Everett
2000 Sunbelt XX (Vancouver, BC, Canada) Linton Freeman
1999 Sunbelt XIX (Charleston, SC, USA) Nan Lin
1998 Sunbelt XVIII (Sitges, Spain) Rolf Ziegler / Steve Borgatti
1997 Sunbelt XVII (San Diego, CA, USA) Russell Bernard & Peter Killworth
1996 Sunbelt XVI (Charleston, SC, USA) Bonnie Erickson
1995 Sunbelt XV (London, UK) Patrick Doreian
1994 Sunbelt XIV (New Orleans, LA, USA) Barry Wellman
1993 Sunbelt XIII (Tampa, FL, USA) A. Kimball Romney
1992 Sunbelt XII (San Diego, CA, USA) Peter Blau
1991 Sunbelt XI (Tampa, FL, USA) James Davis
1990 Sunbelt X (San Diego, CA, USA) Mark Granovetter
1989 Sunbelt IX (Tampa, FL, USA) Frank Harary
1988 Sunbelt VIII (San Diego, CA, USA) Charles Kadushin
1987 Sunbelt VII (Clearwater, FL, USA) Everett Rogers
1986 Sunbelt VI (Santa Barbara, CA, USA) J. Clyde Mitchell
1985 Sunbelt V (Palm Beach, FL, USA) Linton Freeman
1984 Sunbelt IV (Phoenix, AZ, USA) Harrison White
1983 Sunbelt III (San Diego, CA, USA) James Coleman
1982 Sunbelt II (Tampa, FL, USA) John Barnes