Best Poster Awards

The Best Poster awards were created in 2019 and continue to evolve. At the moment, the awards consists of three separate awards: Best Overall, Best Student, and Best Plain Language. The criteria used for the first two awards include usage of SNA concepts, novelty, potential impact, and clarity of exposition. The Best Plain Language award focuses on usage of SNA concepts, clarity of exposition and freedom from obfuscating jargon.

2019 Awards

Best Overall:
5D - Net.Create: open source software tool to support network capta and interpretive collaborative network data entry
Ann McCranie, Kalani Craig, Haesol Bae, Joshua Dan

Best Student:
2A - Are powerful children more accurate in network perception? The relationship between social verticality and network perception accuracy
Emily S. Lee, Michele Lease

Best Plain Language:
Egocentric Social Networks Moderate the Effect of Functional Impairment on Social Activity in Late Adulthood
William McConnell, Robbie Dembo