Call for papers: Applied Computational Social Science special issue

Calls for Submission,
I hope all is well. I am reaching out to invite you to contribute to a special issue in Applied Computational Social Science at Frontiers. You may find the call here. With Paolo Parigi, who is currently at Facebook and Hiroki Takikawa at the University of Tokyo we are looking to put together an issue that showcases work on the fringes of the academy and industry, a place where these worlds interact and intersect. We are also interested in contributions that are purely disciplinary but fit the remit on the uses of big data analytics, or reflect on ethical and/or practical issues related to the use of big data. Please reach out to your students and colleagues as well who may be interested.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions (at, e.g., if you have a paper in mind, but not sure if it would be a good fit.

Kinga Makovi
Assistant Professor
NYU Abu Dhabi