Call for Submissions: ISCRAM 2023

Calls for Submission,
20th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management (ISCRAM 2023) 
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ISCRAM is a forum where researchers and practitioners from all around the world meet every year to share experiences and raise challenges in all the aspects related to the design, development, and use of information systems to improve the management of crisis and disaster situations. 
The ISCRAM 2023 conference committee invites two broad categories of research papers:
CoRe: Completed Research (from 4000 to 8000 words).
WiP: Work In Progress (from 3000 to 6000 words).
CoRe papers are longer in length and describe completed research studies. WiP papers are shorter and meant to describe smaller, more focused research findings or research that is still in progress. Both of these paper types undergo a rigorous peer-review process and will be archived in the ISCRAM digital library.
All articles must be submitted to one of the tracks below: 
Track 01: Usability and Universal Design of ICT for Emergency Management
Track 02: Visions for Future Crisis Management
Track 03: Enhancing Protection of Critical Infrastructures
Track 04: Technologies for First Responders
Track 05: Disaster Public Health and Healthcare Informatics
Track 06: Social Media for Crisis Management
Track 07: Analytical Modeling and Simulation
Track 08: Reimagining ethical, legal, and social issues in a COVID era
Track 09: Command and Control Studies
Track 10: Volunteers in Crisis Management/Emergency Response
Track 11: Applications, Tools, and Components for Crisis Management
Track 12: Geospatial Technologies, Location Analytics, and Geographic Information Science (GIS) for Crisis Management
Track 13: Infrastructure Health Monitoring During Crises and Disaster
Track 14: Collaborative Robots for Emergency Situations
Track 15: Cybersecurity and Emergency Management
Track 16: AI for Crisis Management
Track 17: Practitioner Engagement Track
Track 18: Open Track
Important Dates:
15 January 2023 – Call for CoRe Paper Submission
February 20th, 2023 – Call for WiPe Paper Submission