Conducting personal networks research with Network Canvas

Network Canvas ( is a free and open-source software suite that facilitates the collection of self-reported social network data. It uses touch-optimized interfaces in an interviewer-assisted environment, and can be installed on Windows, Mac, Linux, and ChromeOS devices, allowing you to use tablets as well as laptops to collect data. Since Network Canvas is designed for interview settings, it makes the flow of the interview as smooth as possible. In this workshop, we will teach you to use Architect, the visual interview builder, as well as the main software, Interviewer, which is used in the field to collect data directly from participants. We will also address common questions related to data export and analysis, as well as cover planned developments for the tool based on user feedback. This workshop will provide a comprehensive introduction to implementing research projects in the Network Canvas suite. Expect the opportunity to engage in hands-on exercises during the session with assistance from our team. When completed, you will acquire the skills to:

  • Design an egocentric or whole network interview
  • Deploy and manage a study
  • Obtain data from field devices, and export it for analysis