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11-11:50am - Social Distancing

12-12:50pm - Diffusion on Twitter

  • COVID-19 Health Communication Networks on Twitter: Identifying Sources, Disseminators, and Brokers” Ian Kim & Thomas W. Valente
  • Analysis of Twitter Hashtag Use during the COVID-19 Pandemic” Iain Cruickshank & Kathleen Carley
  • Voice and Inequality in the Spread of COVID-19 Information and Misinformation”  Sarah Shugars, Ryan J. Gallagher, Brooke Foucault Welles, & David Lazer

1-1:50pm - Mitigation, Prevention, & Treatment

  • Networks, regulation and governance: who will have access to vaccines and therapeutics in the COVID-19 era?” Katherine Bond 
  • The impact of contact tracing on the spread of COVID-19: An egocentric agent-based model” Andrew Pilny & Lin Xiang
  • Reducing social contacts in schools to attenuate the spread of COVID-19: Which strategies are effective?” Elisa Bellotti, András Vörös, Tomáš Diviák, & Martin Everett

2-3pm - Invited Panel: Interface between Academic Research & Policy

  • Ana V. Diez Roux
  • Abdul El-Sayed
  • Kimberly Powers