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Sunbelt 2023 Online Workshops

Algebraic analyses and visualization of complex networks

Friday, June 23, 2023
6:00 AM - 9:00 AM (PDT)

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Presenter:  Antonio Rivero Ostoic

This intensive workshop is about algebraic analyses of elementary and complex network structures within social sciences and humanities. Complex systems include multiplex, signed, two-mode, and multilevel networks having either binary or valued data. Algebraic methods provide ways to reduce the complexity of these kinds of systems and, as a complement to the different algebraic analyses, there is an introduction to the visualization and manipulation of multigraphs, bipartite graphs, and diverse lattice structures using the R packages “multiplex”, “multigraph”, and “sdam”. After this session, the participants can create and manipulate multivariate network data, reduce binary and valued multiple networks with algebraic procedures, and construct algebraic systems to represent relational/role structures of multiplex and multilevel configurations. Participants can also analyze signed networks with structural balance theory and simple and valued affiliation networks within the formal concept analysis framework. The algebraic procedures in the analysis and visualization of the different types of networks involve learning by doing methodology and using real-life datasets from social sciences and humanities. The content comes partly from the book written by the instructor “Algebraic analysis of social networks – Models, methods and applications using R” (Wiley ISBN: 978-1119250388) published in 2021 and from more recent experiences using historical data.

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