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Call - "Advances in multilayer network analysis: methods and applications"

An organized session of Networks 2021

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Event Details

You are welcome to submit an abstract on your current research on multilayer networks to our organized session "Advances in multilayer network analysis: methods and applications".

Abstract submission is open until Jan 24:

Multilayer networks have emerged as a unified model for several types of networks, such as multiplex, multimodal and multilevel. This session focuses on recent advances in the analysis of multilayer networks. One of the objectives of the session is to share work done in the NetSci and SunBelt communities, emphasizing the variety of methods, methodologies and applications used in multilayer network analysis.

More specifically, topics for this session include but are not limited to:
1. Developments in computational and statistical methods for multilayer networks;
2. Multilayer network measures and modeling;
3. Applications of multilayer networks;
4. Software for multilayer networks.


Mikko Kivelä, Aalto University, Finland,
Matteo Magnani, Uppsala University, Sweden,
Giancarlo Ragozini, University of Naples Federico II, Italy,
Luca Rossi, ITU Copenhagen, Denmark,
Maria Prosperina Vitale, Salerno University, Italy,