Call - 'Advances in Socio-Semantic Network Analysis'

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Sunday, January 24, 2021

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Feel very welcome to submit your related work to the session on 'Advances in Socio-Semantic Network Analysis' at Networks 2021 conference.

Deadline: January 24, 2021

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Do not forget to choose ‘2. Advances in Socio-Semantic Network Analysis’ in the ‘Organized Session’ field of the submission system.

Advances in Socio-Semantic Network Analysis

Social actors (individuals, groups, organizations) are connected (or separated) both by social structure and the cultural content (knowledge, claims, tastes) they communicate. The social and the cultural realms coevolve defining each other and to understand either we need to account for both. To explain these realms and their interplay, researchers are increasingly using socio-semantic network frameworks that simultaneously distinguish and combine the structure of social ties between actors and meaningful associations between cultural elements (signs, symbols, concepts, ideas) they use.

As illustrated by the recent Special Issue of Poetics on ‘Discourse, Meaning, and Networks: Advances in Socio-Semantic Analysis’ (Basov, Breiger, Hellsten, Mohr, and Saint-Charles, 2020), the rapid expansion of socio-semantic network analysis benefits from combining conceptual apparatus of different disciplines, mixing of computational and qualitative methods, and diversification of applications that range from global online communication captured by 'Big' online data¬ to symbolic interaction in small groups examined using 'thick' in-presence ethnographic data.

Still, our emergent field faces a number of challenges that can be resolved by further drawing on interdisciplinary cooperation. This organized session aims at addressing these challenges and equally welcomes social network analysts and network scientists to submit conceptual, methodological, and empirical papers contributing (but not limited) to the following themes:

- Relationship between social structure and cultural content of communication;
- Principles, mechanisms, and patterns of interplay between social and semantic networks;
- Adjustment of social network measures for semantic networks and vice versa, development of specific socio-semantic network measures;
- Qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods relating social network ties and cultural content of communication;
- Applications of socio-semantic analysis to ‘Big’ online or ‘thick’ in-presence network data;
- Socio-semantic connections between macro and micro levels;
- Comparisons of socio-semantic networks across contexts and generalization of socio-semantic findings.