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Call: Energies Special Issue

Saturday, April 30, 2022

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Energy-related issues are becoming more and more relevant today, including the topic of disruptive technologies, where renewable energy is referred to as one of the 12 most significant disruptive technologies. The topic is no longer limited to energy production/generation and storage and supply as a source of energy; it is becoming broader, including the close links with the electrification of transport, including electric vehicles (smart and green transportation), industrial automation, energy storage systems, data storage and data management systems. With both being very common, and at the same time disruptive and new, energy-related issues relate to both the adaptation of well-known foundations for recent trends and the optimisation of the methods and techniques already used, as well as introducing completely new methods and developing new applications, thereby promoting open innovation and smarter living.

This Special Issue, “Hybrid Data-Driven and Physical Modelling for Energy-Related Problems: Towards Smarter Energy Management”, is looking for the most advanced and latest research and will particularly focus on advances in the field covering both data-related topics and next-generation power electronic techniques and their applications. Authors are invited to submit their original work and survey papers for publication in this Special Issue of Energies. Topics of interest for this Special Issue include, but are not limited to:

  • energy management systems

  • data-driven approaches to energy-related issues

  • advances in energy analytic, including open data on energy, its benefits, re-uses and impact

  • Big Data management in the context of energy data

  • machine learning (ML) techniques

  • physical modelling for energy-related problems

  • disruptive technology of renewable energy

  • blockchain for Internet of energy management

  • the role of the “energy” within the context of Industry 4.0 and Sustainable Goals

  • energy data management in the context of the internet of things (IoT)

  • energy data management via distributed systems

  • smart grid and microgrid

  • sustainable electrical energy systems

  • hybrid and electric vehicle.

The keywords for feature papers could be but not limited:

  • energy

  • Big Data

  • data management

  • disruptive technology

  • modeling

  • electric vehicles

Further information is available on

If you wish to check the fit of your manuscript for this Issue prior to submission, you are welcome to send a tentative title and abstract to the editorial office Ms. Carly Liu (E-Mail: and you will receive feedback shortly.