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Call: EUSN 2021 Session - Criminal Networks

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Event Details

We are calling for presentation abstracts for the organized session about criminal network at the European Social Network (EUSN) conference which will take place on 7-10 September 2021 in Naples, Italy.


Details about our session:

Criminal networks




The importance of social networks for analysing and explaining criminal behaviour has been widely recognized. A wide range of illegal activities, such as drug trafficking, human smuggling, or terrorism requires coordination among offenders to be successfully performed. It is not surprising, therefore, that the network perspective on crime has recently gained popularity, both among academics and law enforcement practitioners, as it captures the essence of such activities. However, the study of criminal networks is challenging. Data collection is difficult in situations where subjects themselves aim not to be detected. Gathering first-hand evidence on such phenomena is therefore extremely difficult, and in some cases dangerous. Scholars have thus relied on police data, such as arrests, or investigative evidence, such as electronic surveillance or phone records, to build an empirical base for their analysis. A second challenge is methodological, i.e. matching/developing the right statistical models based on the specificities of criminal networks to adequately test criminological theories, allowing to move beyond descriptive network measures. 
This session is dedicated to innovative research at the intersection of network analysis and criminology. We welcome a wide range of submissions focused on criminal networks, including methodological, theoretical, and empirical studies. Topics may include:
• collection of criminal network data; 
• testing theories of co-offending; 
• victimizations and violence using network data; 
• case studies of specific criminal groups; 
• statistical modelling tailored to the complexities of criminal network data 
We invite not only applied and methodological researchers interested in criminal network analysis, but also law enforcement professionals. This session aims to bridge disciplines, to inspire discussion and collaboration.


Organizers:  Nynke Niezink (Carnegie Mellon University,, Paolo Campana (Cambridge University,, and Tomáš Diviák (University of Manchester,

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


More information about the conference and as well as the link for submitting your abstracts can be found at the conference website: The deadline for abstract submission is May 23rd 2021. We will review the abstracts and send you a notification of acceptance by June 13, 2021. The conference will probably follow a hybrid in-person/online format with details to be revealed soon. 


Best wishes and looking forward to meeting you at the conference, be it in person or virtually,