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Call: EUSN 2021 Session - Family Networks & personal networks

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Event Details

We are calling for presentation abstracts for the organized session about Family networks and personal networks through the life-course at the European Social Network (EUSN) conference which will take place on 7-10 September 2021 in Naples, Italy.


Details about our session:


Family networks and personal networks through the life-course  




Life-course trajectories and transitions are intertwined within the complex webs of family and personal relationships. These networks may provide individual network members with resources, often referred to as social capital, supporting them through life-course events and transitions. However, these networks, depending on their composition or the pattern of interactions, do not only exert a positive influence on the individual members of the network. Family and personal networks may also cause stress or strain on the individual and the network level. In addition, family and personal networks change over time, which may have consequences on the access to resources and may for example affect individual network members’ well-being, behaviour, and life chances.


This session invites papers on family networks and personal networks focusing on situations where family relationships play a significant role in various stages and transitions of the life-course. Papers with a longitudinal design are encouraged to be submitted, but cross-sectional studies on life-course transitions or stages are also welcome. Quantitative as well as case studies on specific normative or non-normative life events are also of interest to this session.


Organizers:  Vera de Bel (Swiss Centre of Expertise in Life Course Research (LIVES), University of Geneva,, Marlène Sapin (LIVES, University of Lausanne) and Eric Widmer (LIVES, University of Geneva)


If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


More information about the conference as well as the link for submitting your abstracts can be found at the conference website: The deadline for abstract submission is May 23rd 2021. We will review the abstracts and send you a notification of acceptance by June 13, 2021. The conference will probably follow a hybrid in-person/online format with details to be revealed soon.