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Call for Abstracts: EUSN 2021 ABM and networks session

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Event Details

Call for papers

for a session on "Agent-based models of social networks"

at EUSN 2021 - 5th European Conference on Social Networks, 7-10 September, 2021

(hybrid in-person and remote conference, Naples, Italy)


Session organizers:
- Filip Agneessens, University of Trento (Italy)
- Federico Bianchi, University of Milan (Italy)
- Andreas Flache, University of Groningen (The Netherlands)
- Károly Takács, Linköping University (Sweden)


Abstract: Bridging micro- and macro-scales is pivotal to both social network research and agent-based modelling (ABMs), which has recently stimulated exchanges between the two fields. Recent developments in statistical modelling of longitudinal network data have brought up further discussions on the use of simulations in social network research. ABMs can explain network dynamics and macro-level outcomes through micro-level mechanisms. Unlike in the early days, the network component of an ABM can be calibrated with empirical data, which allows ABM modellers to move beyond the use of abstract networks. Moreover, ABMs can be used as complementary tools to increase the generalizability of statistical analysis of network data. This session invites papers that attempt to explain macro-level outcomes by linking individuals’ behaviour to social network dynamics through ABMs in e.g., opinion polarization, social inequality, social conflicts, or economic collaboration. Particularly —– but not exclusively —— welcome are contributions bridging theoretical ABM, empirical data, and statistical models of network-generating processes (e.g., ERGM, SAOM).


Please submit your abstract (max 500 words) for a talk.


Deadline: 23 May, 2021


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