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Call for Applications: Behave Summer School

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Event Details

the call for applications for the 2022 edition of the “ESSA-Behave Summer School on Agent-Based Modelling for social scientists” is out now!

The school will be held in a hybrid mode at Collegio Lucchini (Brescia, Italy) and online on 29 August - 9 September, 2022.

The course will be composed by two separate parts: 
Week 1: Introductory course (no previous programming skills required)
* Introduction to theory and methods of ABM
* Hands-on replication of three classic models in NetLogo
Week 2: Advanced course
* Introduction to empirical calibration and validation
* Advanced NetLogo programming
* Hands-on development of an empirical model in NetLogo
Hands-on analysis of simulation results in R
Throughout the whole course:
* Virtual rooms in parallel for student assistance
* Customized counselling on personal research projects with leading experts
* Personal project presentations
* R tutorial
* Introduction to version control with git

The faculty includes:

* Federico Bianchi (University of Milan, Italy)
* Ernesto Carrella (University of Oxford, United Kingdom)
* Simone Gabbriellini (University of Trento, Italy)
* Nicolas Payette (University of Oxford, United Kingdom)
* Flaminio Squazzoni (University of Milan, Italy - School director)

To apply to the school, please send your CV and a letter of presentation describing your project and motivation to by 15 May 2022. Approval will be notified by 31 May 2022, after which registrations will open.
See here for more information: