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Call for Papers: Special Issue on "Intelligent Perception, Application

Sunday, November 24, 2019 to Monday, December 30, 2019

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Special Issue on "Intelligent Perception, Application and Security Mechanism in the Internet of Things"

by 30 December 2019.


Applied Sciences (ISSN 2076-3417),

h-index 23. 2018 Impact Factor: 2.217. Indexed in SCIE. 


Special Issue Information


In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has attracted extensive attention from both academics and industry. There are many relevant important research results. The Internet of Things systems (IoT) have extended the information system to the physical world, greatly expanding the ability of human beings to perceive, to understand and to control the physical world, and profoundly affecting the industry production and lifestyle of human beings. The methods by which to apply AI technologies to the IoT systems and to enhance the intelligence of system perception, understanding, computing, application and security are important to the implementation of intelligent IoT applications.


With the rapid development of IoT technologies, the current IoT environments have many distinctive characteristics, such as: the universality of perception, the ubiquity of connection and information transmission, and the massive volume of communicated data. Considering these characteristics, in order to apply IoT designs in the intelligent, efficient, safe and stable manner, safe and low-cost network management technologies and management methods with learning ability, understanding capability, reasoning ability, and collaborating ability are essential. Hence, the combination of AI technologies with the IoT systems provides prominent advantages. The integration of AI technologies and IoT systems enables the ability to gain valuable insight from the massive volume of data generated. The IoT era is coming. AI will help to stimulate the great potential of the IoT systems.


This special issue aims to attract contributions with new developments of intelligent perception, application and security mechanisms in the Internet of Things, to enhance the intelligence of the IoT systems. The ultimate goal is to promote research and development of AI technologies for IoT systems by publishing high-quality research articles in this rapidly developing field.


Scopes include (but are not limited to) the following:


Theoretical understanding of AI in the IoT

Hidden data awareness

Passive data transmission

Intelligent data processing

Multi-sources heterogeneous data fusion

Security and credibility verification

Dynamic intelligent perception in complex scenarios

Intelligent network

Intelligent application

Intelligent Indoor and Outdoor Seamless Positioning

Data privacy in IOT

Intrusion Detection in IoT systems

Crowd-sensing and Crowdsourcing


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