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Call for Research: Journal of Network and Systems Management

Special issue on Cybersecurity Management in the era of AI

Monday, December 21, 2020

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This Special Issue invites theoretical and applied cutting edge research on standards, frameworks, models, and approaches on cybersecurity management in the era of AI and intelligent learning technologies. More specifically, we encourage original paper submissions on the most recent advances in security network and system management solutions using AI. The Special Issue also welcomes contributiأهons from the industry perspective. Topics of interest include, but they are not limited to:

-  Cybersecurity management in cyber-physical systems using AI;

-  Security, privacy, and trust issues in cyber-physical systems;

-  Blockchain-enabled cyber-physical systems;

-  Utilizing AI technologies for cyber investigation and threat intelligence;

-  The integration of AI and Blockchain for security critical infrastructures;

-  Design, optimization and modeling of cybersecurity management systems;

-  AI and ML for intrusion detection/prevention in sensitive environments;

-  Advanced AI techniques to secure future Internet architectures/protocols;

-  Trust management in cyber-physical networks and systems;

-  Privacy management at edge of the network using machine learning;

-  Trustworthy data collection and processing using intelligent learning    techniques;

-  Cybersecurity management of big data;

-  AI-based cybersecurity techniques for IoT, IoE, IoH, and IoV;

-  Cybersecurity of connected and autonomous vehicles;

-  Cybersecurity and AI for digital twin;

-  Management framework for intelligent secure networking.

-  Cybersecurity management to protect organizations’ sensitive data using intelligent learning techniques;

-  AI-enabled digital investigation;

Submissions are due: Dec. 21st, 2020

For more information or to submit, visit:

Guest Editors of the Special Issue:

●       Moayad Aloqaily, xAnalytics Inc., Canada

●       Salil Kanhere, UNSW Sydney, Australia

●       Paolo Bellavista, DEIS, Università di Bologna, Italy

●       Michele Nogueira, Federal University of Parana, Brazil