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Call: NetGloW'22

Monday, February 7, 2022

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March 3, 2022 Update: 

We believe these times it is particularly important for the scholarly community to stay together and keep the dialogue going. I hope you share this perspective.
Hence, I hereby confirm that despite the fumding of the Centre for German and European Studies at St Petersburg has been frozen by the German Academic Exchange service due to the recent events, the CGES team shall still work to deliver the NetGloW 2022 conference - fully online, nomadic, via Zoom. We had similar experience in 2020 and as many of you know, it went well.
If banking exchange is not back by the conferrence fee submission deadline, we shall weave the fee for all participants.
We are looking forward to your abstracts in response to the call below. 
My warmest wishes to you and may there be peace for all of us,
We invite abstracts for the Sixth Biannual International Conference ‘Networks in the Global World’ according to the extended deadline (March 4, 2022).

To submit abstracts of up to 2000 characters (with spaces), use

The CGES invites papers to a set of regular and organized sessions including, but not limited to the following network-analytical foci:
– Quantitative Methods of Network Analysis
– Qualitative and Mixed Methods of Network Analysis
– Networks and Culture
– Networks in Politics, International Relations, and Economy
– Networks in Science, Education, and the Arts
– Urban, Environmental, and Socio-Technical Networks
– Online Networks

For details, see:

For more information on the conference sessions, visit:

A selection of conference papers will be published as a ‘NetGloW 2022’ volume of the Springer’s ‘Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems’ indexed in Scopus.

Find out more about NetGloW’22 on the official website of the conference:

Find out more about NetGloW’22 on the official website of the conference.