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Sunbelt 2022 Cairns

Call: "Shifting economic connectivities and changing relations”

Sunday, February 6, 2022

Event Details

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: The International Sunbelt Social Networks Conference 2022

Organised session “Shifting economic connectivities and changing relations


Session organisers:

Julia Loginova (, the University of Queensland

Kirsten Martinus (, the University of Western Australia


Session description and objectives:

Networks are constantly evolving, often in unnoticeable ways. But sometimes the change in networks has a transformational impact, restructuring geopolitical and socio-economic relations. This session focuses on measuring and interpreting changes in economic, corporate, and social connectivities.


We welcome papers that offer new empirical perspectives to understand connectivity changes, drawing implications with other realms of social, political and economic spheres. Papers may explore the impacts of shifting connectivities on development, inequalities, resilience, and global economic and corporate power relations, particularly associated with the COVID-19 but also other crises (financial or environmental). Or, papers may present innovative methodological approaches combining social network analysis with other quantitative and qualitative methods and engage with different scales across the local to the global.


Deadline for abstract submissions is February 6, 2022.


While both of us are expected to attend the conference in person, we envisage a hybrid of sessions with both in-person and virtual presentations for those who are unable to travel to Cairns. More information is available using this link: