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Sunbelt 2022 Cairns

Call: "Social Media Networks and Mis/Disinformation"

Sunday, February 6, 2022

Event Details

Please consider submitting your abstract to Sunbelt 2022 session on " Social Media Networks and Mis/Disinformation. Deadline for abstract submissions is February 6, 2022. 
This session welcomes papers that use network analysis to analyze the spread and impact of misinformation and disinformation (mis/disinformation). Papers may fall under – but are not limited to – one or more of the following topics: (1) how mis/disinformation and other low-veracity information spread in digital networks, (2) the strategies and tactics that are used to spread disinformation in digital networks, (3) socio-semantic network analysis of the content of misinformation and disinformation campaigns, (4) network-based methods for detecting disinformation, (5) network-based approaches to intervening in and curbing the spread of misinformation and disinformation, (6) network-based approaches to assessing the impact of mis/disinformation, or (7) case studies of mis/disinformation (e.g. in health, politics, environment). Case studies involving mis/disinformation related to COVID-19 are especially welcome.