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Call: Special Issue - Science as a Complex Interaction System

Thursday, September 30, 2021

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Are you working on Science interactions?

Don't hesitate to submit your work to this special Issue:

                               Science as a Complex Interaction System

This Special Issue aims to collect research papers using network science and modeling tools to characterize the complex and dynamical set of interactions in science. Papers on these topics are welcomed:

- Collaboration and citation dynamics;

- Entropy based methods in scientometrics;

- Innovation patterns in science;

- Characteristics of the academic ecosystem;

- Social perception of science;

- Structure of scientific controversies;

- Scientific publishing and peer review;

- Beyond academia: open and collaborative science.

Additionally, we will be particularly interested in papers analyzing the “emergency” science in the COVID-19 crisis, namely on the impact of the sanitary crisis (which required immediate responses from the scientific community, out of the usual research timings) on the mechanisms for scientific production.

Dr. Floriana Gargiulo
Dr. Yerali Gandica
Guest Editors