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Call: Special Session of JADT 2022

"Networks Analytics and Text Mining"

Friday, December 31, 2021

Event Details

Call for Contributions to the Special Session

"Networks Analytics and Text Mining"

JADT 2022: 16th International Conference on Statistical Analysis of Textual Data.

6-8 July 2022 – Naples, Italy


Conference website:


Submission deadline: 31 December 2021


The special session is devoted to fostering a dialogue among scholars of different domains interested in the analysis of textual data with a network analysis based approach.

We refer to the definition and analysis of textual data as graph structures aiming at highlighting useful and meaningful information from documents.

Different approaches discuss the possibily to combine textual data and networks. Examples of applications derive from textual data extraction from different sources, such as digital text documents, open-ended questions in a survey, user-generated textual contents in social media, scientific topics detected in bibliometric analysis of scientific papers, opinions of people and social influence, sentiment analysis from comments, fake news detection, user stances and veracity of rumors, to name a few.

The common feature is that words are linked from relationships due to co-occurrences, co-citations, semantics, etc. Relationships can be of different kinds and in some cases multiple relationships can be  present.

We would like to guest conceptual and empirical research, applicative studies as well as innovative methodological proposals, leveraging the experiences gained in different research fields.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Emerging trends in scientific literature
  • Lexical tables as affiliation matrices
  • Multilayer textual networks
  • Network and sentiment analysis
  • Semantic network analysis
  • Shared languages
  • Temporal text networks
  • Text mining from social media


Session organized by Ilaria Primerano and Giuseppe Giordano (Dept. of Political and Social Studies, University of Salerno, Italy)

Please feel free to contact us for any questions.

{ iprimerano, ggiordano }

JADT 2022 is organised by VADISTAT - Per Simona Balbi
Univ. of Naples Federico II