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Sunbelt 2022 Cairns

Call: "The psychology of social networks..."

Sunday, February 6, 2022

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Call for Sunbelt 2022 Submissions – The psychology of social networks: The role of individual processes in real-world social networks


We invite anyone conducting research on the interplay between individual psychological processes and social networks to submit their work to our new organized session at the Sunbelt 2022 conference. Conference participants can choose whether to give their talk virtually or in person (in Cairns, Australia), from July 12-16, 2022.


Abstract submissions (200 words) are due February 6th 2022, at this link:


Organized Session Information: “The psychology of social networks: The role of individual processes in real-world social networks”. Organized by Emily N. Cyr (University of Waterloo, Canada) and Kate M. Turetsky (Barnard College of Columbia University, United States).


What can psychology tell us about real-world social networks? Recent work integrating psychological and social network approaches has revealed new insights into the interplay between individual processes and network formation, structure, and composition. For example, researchers have examined how individual beliefs, traits, and attitudes shape the composition of ego- and whole-network structures, how positions in networks influence individual cognitions and behaviors, and how interventions targeting individuals can alter social network processes and positions.


We are seeking cross-disciplinary perspectives on the role of the individual within the network. We leverage diverse theoretical lenses and methodologies to highlight topics such as (but not limited to) how:

  • Individuals’ implicit and explicit cognitions shape social networks

  • Network structure and composition influences attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors

  • Perceptions of ingroup and outgroup members shape and are shaped by social networks

  • Individuals operate within multilayered networks (e.g., friendship, advice, support, workplace)