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Sunbelt 2022 Cairns

Call: "Words and Networks"

Sunday, February 6, 2022

Event Details

We invite submissions of abstracts to the organized session on "Words and Networks" at Sunbelt 2022 in Cairns, Australia (and online).

This session is dedicated to innovative research at the nexus of text analysis (including discourse analysis, content analysis, text mining, and natural language processing) and network analysis/ network science. The study of networks of words, representation of text-based information as graphs (e.g., knowledge graphs), and the extraction of network data from text data are also topics of interest. Research on “Words and Networks” has led to eminent work, e.g., on language change, recommender systems, collaborative work, organizational communication, business intelligence, semantic computing, text mining for social good, and the diffusion of (mis)information offline and online. We invite abstract submissions that contribute to the consolidation of text analysis and network analysis. The papers presented in this session should discuss new methods, applications, or theoretical approaches. We are interested in basic and applied studies.


Semantic Networks, Text Mining, Natural Language Processing, Network Analysis, Word Networks

Abstract submission deadline: February 6, 2022

Submission link and details:

Conference website:

We invite abstract submissions for oral presentations. Please limit all abstracts to 200 words, not including the title (and please do not include references). Please select the appropriate organized session name during online submission (“Words and Networks”).

This session is jointly organized by
Jana Diesner (UIUC, USA), Andrea Fronzetti Colladon (University of Perugia, Italy), Peter Gloor (MIT, USA), Francesca Greco (La Sapienza University, Italy) and Oliver Posegga (University of Bamberg, Germany).