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CASOS Summer Institute

Monday, June 13, 2022 to Sunday, June 19, 2022

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CASOS Summer Institute - June 13-19, 2022

Hybrid – in person segment is at Carnegie Mellon University

The CASOS Summer Institute is a week-long event that provides an intense hands-on introduction to network analysis and visualization from a combined social-network, network-science, link-analysis and dynamic network analysis perspective. Social network, high-dimensional networks, semantic networks, and meta-networks are covered as are network dynamics and geo-spatial networks.

Participants learn about current trends, practices, and tools available for analyzing complex dynamic systems as networks from end-to-end – extracting data from texts, network analysis and visualization, and simulation of networks. Basic social network and dynamic network measures and clustering for one-mode, bi-partite and multi-mode data are covered. Network statistics, analysis and visualization techniques are covered for static and dynamic networks. Techniques for extracting networks from text and social media are covered. Simulation techniques for forecasting change in these networks and their impact on the diffusion of ideas and beliefs are covered. Key issues associated with social media analytics, and big data are covered. Participants gain experience through a series of hands-on exercises. Data sets are provided for these exercises; however, participants who are attending in person can bring their own data and use it in these exercises if they are attending in-person. An examination of social network methods, complexity theory and procedures for integrating network-based metrics and statistics into computational models completes the program.

All participants who complete the full week of instruction will receive a certificate at the conclusion of the program.

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