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Complexity and Cognition 2023

Wednesday, February 1, 2023


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Complexity and Cognition

CompCog23: A full day online symposium for quantitative methods in Psychology

Background. Cognition arises from multiple mental and biological processes which regulate the acquisition, perception, and use of information. Understanding cognitive processes and their biological counterparts poses several, interconnected research challenges, attracting the attention of computational fields like cognitive neuroscience, network science, AI, and data science in addition to endeavors from psychology, linguistics, medicine, and the humanities.

Aim. Within the above mosaic of cognitive research lines, it is difficult for researchers to be aware of results recently obtained by colleagues in other fields, thus creating a fragmented landscape of research achievements and gaps. Complexity and Cognition aims at creating new opportunities for research exchange, constructive feedback and paper dissemination among researchers interested in cognition and complexity science. This online symposium addresses the need for transdisciplinary researchers working on cognition to overcome discipline-restrictive boundaries, showcasing the benefits and value that systems thinking and complexity science can bring to the cognitive sciences.

Scope. CompCog23 aligns with the aims of the Centro sulle Metodologie per l’Analisi e il Trattamento dei Dati (DIPSCO, University of Trento), which will host the 2023 Edition: This symposium will disseminate quantitative techniques for the analysis of psychological data by spanning methods across cognitive, complexity and network sciences.

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