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Wednesday, June 19, 2024 to Friday, June 21, 2024

St. Raphael Resort and Marina, Limassol, Cyprus

Event Details

28th International Conference on Engineering of Complex Computer Systems
(ICECCS 2024)
19-21 June, 2024, 5* St. Raphael Resort and Marina, Limassol, Cyprus
Recent years have witnessed a rapidly rising emphasis on the design, implementation and
management of complex computer systems which are present in every aspect of human
activities, such as manufacturing, communications, defence, transportation, aerospace,
hazardous environments, energy, and healthcare. These complex systems are frequently
distributed over heterogeneous networks and process a large amount of data, leveraging
emerging artificial intelligence (AI), large language models, and machine learning techniques.
Complexity arises from many factors, including the dynamic environment and the scenarios
these systems operate in, demanding and sometimes conflicting requirements in functionality,
efficiency, scalability, security, dependability and adaptability, data heterogeneity, as well as
the wide range of development methodologies, programming languages and implementation
details. Performance, real-time behaviour, fault tolerance, robustness, security, adaptability,
development time and cost, and long life concerns are some of the key issues arising in the
development of such systems.

The International Conference on Engineering of Complex Computer Systems (ICECCS) is a
well-established event that has been held around the world for over 25 years. The goal of this
conference is to bring together industrial, academic, and government experts from a variety of
application domains and software disciplines, to discuss how the disciplines’ problems and
solution techniques interact within the whole system. Researchers, practitioners, tool
developers and users, and technology transfer experts are all welcome. The scope of the
conference includes long-term research issues, near-term requirements and challenges,
established complex systems, emerging promising tools, and retrospective and prospective
reflections of research and development into complex systems.

Steering Committee
• Jin Song Dong, National University of Singapore, Singapore
• Mike Hinchey, University of Limerick, Ireland
• Xiaohong Li, Tianjin University, China
• Shaoying Liu, Hiroshima University, Japan
• Mauro Pezze, University in Lugano, Switzerland
• Roy Sterritt, Ulster University, United Kingdom
• Jing Sun (Chair), University of Auckland, New Zealand
General Co-Chairs
• Yamine Ait-Ameur, IRIT, France
• George A. Papadopoulos, University of Cyprus, Cyprus
Program Chairs
• Guangdong Bai, University of Queensland, Australia
• Fuyuki Ishikawa, National Institute of Informatics, Japan