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International Workshop on Knowledge Graphs

Thursday, December 1, 2022

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International Workshop on Knowledge Graphs 

Dec 1, 2022, Online 

A workshop of ICDM 2022 

(The 22nd IEEE International Conference on Data Mining


Knowledge graph is essentially the knowledge base of semantic web, which is composed of entities (nodes) and relations (edges). As the representation of semantics, knowledge graphs can readily-easily formulate real-world entities, concepts, attributes, as well as their relations. Recent years have witnessed the rapid growth in the number of academics and practitioners interested in knowledge graph and closely related areas. In particular, various deep neural network models have been developed for knowledge graph-based areas. Meanwhile, as knowledge graphs have been applied in various domains such as information retrieval, natural language understanding, question answering systems, recommender systems, financial risk control, etc., new challenges have emerged in the context of knowledge graphs from many perspectives including scalability, security, explainability, robustness, etc. 


The workshop will bring together researchers and practitioners to discuss the fundamentals, methodologies, techniques, and applications of knowledge graphs. In this workshop, our goal is to contribute to the next generation of knowledge graphs and exploring them using artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning, network science, and other appropriate technologies.