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Introduction to Social Network Analysis

Monday, February 14, 2022 to Friday, February 18, 2022

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Introduction to Social Network Analysis (14-18 Feb)
(part of ANU Online Summer School in Political Analysis 2022)

The “network perspective” puts emphasis on social ties between actors, rather than individual characteristics, in understanding behaviour and outcomes. This course provides a practical introduction to the network perspective and social network analysis (SNA), with a focus on applications in social science, in particular political analysis. Students will learn about collecting and storing social network data, and will gain practical experience in visualising networks and constructing basic SNA metrics. There will also be an introduction to exponential random graph models (ERGM), which provide a statistical inferential framework for modelling interdependencies in social tie formation such homophily, reciprocity and transitivity. The course involves the use of R, with a focus on igraph for network visualisation and basic SNA, and statnet for ERGM.

The course runs 1-3.30pm (Canberra time) for 5 days via zoom (zoom sessions are not recorded).