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Online Course: Big Data Analysis for Social Scientists

Monday, February 8, 2021 to Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Event Details

"Big Data Analysis for Social Scientists" Course

8-10 February 2021

Professor Robert Ackland

The course covers an introduction to the collection and analysis of socially-generated 'big data' using the R statistical software, with a focus on social media networks (Twitter, YouTube and Reddit), hyperlink networks, and text data. The course is designed for academics and PhD students who want to become more computationally literate, and those from technical disciplines who want to become more familiar with social science approaches to big data research. The course is also useful for people from industry and government whose work involves analysing network and text data collected from social media and the WWW.


We'll be covering VOSON R tools for collecting/analysing online network data, R/igraph for network analysis, text analysis in R, and Gephi for network visualisation.

The time difference might make this challenging for some participants (the professor is located in Canberra, Australia), but all sessions (via zoom) will be recorded and available to participants for up to 30 days after the course, and so it may be that you can attend some of the sessions in person and follow the others at a more convenient time.

*Please note that the early-bird rate is available until 9th December

About the Presenter:

Professor Robert Ackland
School of Sociology & VOSON Lab
The Australian National University