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Social Network Analysis 5-Day Course Theory, Method and Application

Monday, February 17, 2020 to Friday, February 21, 2020

Swinburne Hawthorn Campus

Event Details

** Social Network Analysis 5-Day Course
Theory, Method and Application
17-21 February 2020, Swinburne Hawthorn Campus
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In this 5-day intensive workshop you will learn how to conduct social network research, moving from the fundamentals of networks to how to use cutting-edge statistical network models. Some general statistical knowledge is assumed (e.g., logistic regression). You will require your own PC laptop (or Mac with Windows installed – Mac OS is not supported). The course will cover the following key themes:
* Statistical Inference with network data
* Software for visualisation and analysis
* Representing network data: from basic to advanced
* Networks in action: Case studies
* Applying SNA
* One-on-one consultation times and group problem solving tasks

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Course Details

Day 1: Network Fundamentals
• What is distinctive about social network research?
• Network data: Representations and formats
• Qualitative versus quantitative data collection
• Primary versus secondary data sources
• Ethics for network research
• Organisational network methods
• Data entry, data processing and management
• Group allocation and briefing

Day 2: Key Concepts & Descriptive SNA

• Social Selection vs Social Influence
• The building blocks of networks: density; reciprocity; degree; connectivity; centrality; clustering; and preferential attachment (popularity)
• Multiplex and bipartite networks
• Introductory approaches to statistical inference

Day 3: Introduction to ERGMs
• What are exponential random graph models (ERGMs)?
• Formation of network structure
• MPNet software for network models
• Working with graph distributions
• Network dependence & emergence
• Estimating ERGMs (modelling network data)

Day 4: ERGM extensions
• Simulation and Goodness of Fit with ERGM
• Estimating directed ERGMs
• Estimating ERGMs with actor attributes
• ALAAMs – social influence models
• Problem solving for model fit

Day 5: Network Evaluation & Presentations
• Network effectiveness
• Network evaluation
• Network problem solving
• Group presentations

The course includes all course exercise materials, lunch and afternoon tea.
Lecturers: Prof Dean Lusher, Dr Peng Wang, Prof Garry Robins, Dr Johan Koskinen, Dr Colin Gallagher, Dr James Coutinho, and Dr Maedeh Aboutelabi Karkavandi

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