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SoLAR Webinar: Learning Analytics for "end-users"

Friday, October 1, 2021

Event Details

It is our pleasure to invite you to SoLAR Webinar "Learning Analytics for ‘end-users’: from Human-centred Design to Multimodal Data Storytelling" presented by Dr Roberto Martinez-Maldonado from Monash University. See the details of the talk below.


Time and date: Oct 1st,  7:30-8:30 Am AEST


Location: Zoom (meeting URL provided in the registration email)


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We are looking forward to seeing you at the webinar!


Learning Analytics for "end-users": from Human-centred Design to Multimodal Data Storytelling

Abstract: The ultimate aim of most Learning Analytics innovations is to close the human-data loop by providing direct support to “end-users” (e.g., teachers and learners). However, presenting data to non-data savvy stakeholders is not a trivial problem. Trending topics in Learning Analytics, such as adoption, ethics, privacy, explainability of algorithms, and the intensive promotion of the use of dashboards, emphasise the importance of the human factors and the particularities of educational situations in the successful appropriation of Learning Analytics. Yet, Learning Analytics researchers, designers and practitioners do not need to reinvent methods to deconstruct learner interactions or to create effective user interfaces. The community can more actively consider well established human-computer interaction (HCI) and human-centred design methods to, for example, give students a voice in the design process of data-intensive tools, craft dashboards based on data visualisation principles, and identify authentic needs before creating the next artificial intelligence (AI) solution to be rolled to teachers.


This webinar will provide a high-level overview of the rapidly growing interest in Human-Centred Learning Analytics and potential ways in which the R&D in this area can evolve in the next years. Work in this area is embryonic, with some researchers advocating rapid prototyping with teachers and interviewing students to understand their disciplinary perspectives on data. I will present some examples from our own research in the areas of multimodal learning analytics and data storytelling, emphasising some lessons learnt so far and potential areas of future research.


Bio: Dr Roberto Martinez-Maldonado is a Senior Lecturer of Learning Analytics and Human-Computer Interaction in the Faculty of Information Technologies at Monash University, Melbourne. His research aims to co-create strategies and enabling technologies with educational stakeholders to support teaching and learning across physical and digital spaces. His developments are particularly focused on creating data-intensive solutions that can be deployed in authentic settings to enable learners and educators to interact with artificial intelligence outputs and data visualisations meaningfully. His current projects are focused on teamwork analytics, multimodal learning analytics in physical spaces and data storytelling.