NASN 2021:
Frequently Asked Questions

Oral Presentation Award

  • January 18: Upload your slides and a recording of your presentation

Poster Presenter

  • January 18: Upload your 2-3 minute poster video & slides

Oral Presentation

  • January 18: If you would like to be considered for a talk award, please upload your talk recording (no longer than 12 minutes) and slides
  • 24 hours before your session: Upload slides, and if prerecording your talk, your video file as well

Grand Challenge

You have two options. You may either prerecord your talk (more details below), loading it to the Box File Request portal no later than 24 hours prior to your talk session. You may also give your presentation live. In either case you will be expected to be present and logged into the Zoom session during your entire appointed presentation time - we will not broadcast your prerecorded talk in your absence, as Q&A is an integral part of the NASN experience.

At the time of your session, you will simply join the Zoom meeting of your session (links will go live on the INSNA site when the conference begins) and the host of your session will give you screen sharing and video sharing privileges. Please make sure your Zoom screen name is recognizable to the session chair and others.

Some people like to prerecord because it allows them to correct errors, stay within time limits, avoid issues with weak internet connectivity, manage time zone differences, and interact live with viewers via chat during their talk.

If you prerecord your talk, a NASN organizer will launch your recording from a high speed wired internet connection at the appropriate time. When your talk has concluded, you will be able to speak and answer questions from the audience.

Some people just prefer the live talk, which is fine! We will still ask that you upload at least a draft of your slides to the shared Box folder 24 hours in advance, as a backup if you have issue sharing your screen.

If we have not received a recording from you 24 hours in advance of your talk, we will assume you are planning to give your talk live. 

We will have an assigned poster session time that you will receive via email. We will send you an assigned Zoom session URL to join. During this session, you should plan to have 2-3 slides to share in your Zoom presentation.

You will need to prepare two different items for your poster:

  1. A short (2-3 minute) video accompanied by either simple text or audio narration explaining your main research question, your data, and your findings, and
  2. The slides you will have. Think of the 2-3 minute intro as an advertisement for your poster - all conference attendees will be able to browse these videos and slides throughout the conference.

Instead of uploading a pdf file of a traditional poster, we encourage you to break the information up into 3-5 slides that include the text and sections of a traditional poster (Background, Hypotheses, Data, Methods, Findings.)

These recordings and slides will be due by Jan 18, one week in advance of the conference, to allow us to review them, post them to the conference website, and to consider all posters for a juried award.

We will have a small team staffing each session to make sure materials are shared from wired high speed internet connections. They will need time to verify that uploads appear to work (audio and video), that they have all the files they need, and that chairs are looped in to the details of each session. All of that takes time, so the more we can get sooner, the better.

However, we are all reasonable people - if you need an extension, please reach out to us with an email to with the subject line: EXTENSION REQUESTED so we will see it.

After your talk or poster is accepted, you may submit files here: There you will be asked to provide a little information (name, email, university, description, and EasyChair ID) and upload your files. 

It is important that you name your files in our requested format (EasyChairID_descrip, such as “25_slides” or “68_recording”) so that we can sort your files into the right session folder. 

 Please use this link to upload your materials, which include:

  • Video presentation of your talk, please aim for 12-15 minutes.  You may use this as your recording for your oral presentation slot, or you may choose to give your presentation live.
  • A PDF/PowerPoint copy of your slides used in your presentation

Deadline is January 18 and the award will be announced by the end of the conference.  

Simply upload your materials (2-3 recording and slides by January 18. We will review all presentations we have received by that date.