Information for Presenters

In many ways organizing a virtual conference is more challenging than an in-person conference. To ensure that everything runs smoothly and to minimize technical problems, we encourage you to pre-record your talk, and send it to the organizers of your session. As with regular Sunbelt conferences, there will be 20 minutes for each presentation, including about 10-15 minutes for the talk itself and a few minutes for live questions. The talk itself should be max 15 minutes.

Two options are available for the presentations:

  1. You can pre-record your talk. The Sunbelt organizers encourage all presenters to select this option, because it has the advantages of controlling the timing of the presentations and reducing potential technical issues. Please send the recording to the organizers of your track by 9 July. 
  2. You can share your screen live during your slot. If you select this option, please inform the track organizers by 9 July.

Independently from whether the talk is recorded or live, the Q&A will be live.

If you need help with recording a presentation or sharing your screen live during a Zoom meeting, we have prepared detailed information for you here:

How to send your recording to the session chairs: 

  1. Look up your session chairs & their email addresses in the program:
  2. After recording your video, DON'T try to send your video file via email to the session chairs, but use a file transfer service, e.g. or upload via google drive or dropbox and share the link. This is because many email clients limit the size of files their customers can receive.
  3. Session chairs will check that they can play the video and confirm with you.