INSNA Sunbelt 2023 Conference Registration Fee Waiver Award

We are happy to announce registration fee waiver awards for INSNA’s Sunbelt 2023 Conference for scholars from lower and lower-middle income countries. These awards are for INSNA members who are presenting authors on an abstract (oral presentation or poster) that has been accepted for presentation, either virtually or in person, at the 2023 Sunbelt conference in Portland. To be eligible, applicants must be currently residing in, and have a primary institutional affiliation located in a lower or lower-middle income country. The awards are meant to enable INSNA members from lower and lower-middle income countries to attend the conference.  This is based on your country of residence (not country of origin) as classified by the World Bank classification of economies.

If you would like to apply for a conference registration fee waiver, please complete the form below. You will be asked to provide your name; the title of your abstract; and your academic vitae, with indication of your current position, institution, active grants, and current country of residence.

Non-INSNA members will not be considered for the fee waiver awards. Applications submitted after the deadline cannot be considered.