INSNA Travel Award for Students Sunbelt 2023

Sunbelt Travel Awards GraphicEligibility:
Applicants must be INSNA student members who are PhD students, and who are presenting authors of abstracts that have been accepted for an oral or poster presentation at the 2023 Sunbelt conference in Portland.  Non-INSNA members will not be considered.

How to apply:
Please submit your application before May 1st at 5 p.m. (EDT).  You will be asked to provide your name, the title of your conference abstract, and the following documents:

  1. Your academic vitae, which must include: your current position and institution, your current country of residence, and any active research or travel grants;
  2. A statement of need, which must include a description of other financial support you have for the conference. If none, describe other financial support that you have sought or an explanation about why such opportunities for support are not available to you.
  3. An estimated budget for your attendance at the Sunbelt conference. This should include:
    • Details about the expected costs, e.g.: transportation (economy class), accommodation (in a low budget hotel, student residence, or the conference hotel/venue (the Hilton), and number of days you intend to attend the Sunbelt conference.
    • The amount of support being requested from the Sunbelt 2023 Travel Awards
    • The amount that will be covered by other sources (e.g., personal, other support), and the sources of additional support received. Special needs that lead to higher budgetary requests may be indicated.

Applications submitted after the deadline cannot be considered. 

Award decisions will be made based on the submitted applications, including budgets and CVs, given the availability of funds.  INSNA expects to be able to fund at least 10 persons. Priority will be given to PhD student members who have not previously received a Sunbelt travel award, who are the presenting authors of their oral presentations or posters, and who have a demonstrated need for the funds in order to attend Sunbelt.If your application is successful, INSNA will reimburse the approved budget after the conference and submission of receipts. INSNA may decide to grant only a part of the requested amount based on indicated needs and proposed budget; the precise amount will be indicated in the decision letter.

Please note: The award does not include a registration fee waiver.  You will not be reimbursed at the conference. You will be asked to submit your receipts, and INSNA will work promptly to reimburse you.

Applicants will be informed about the Sunbelt 2023 Travel Award decisions by the 1st of June 2023.