NASN 2021 Awards

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  • Best Oral presentation
  • Best Poster
  • Best STEM poster
Oral Presentations

Please use this link to upload your materials, which include:

  • Video presentation of your talk, please aim for 12-15 minutes.  You may use this as your recording for your oral presentation slot, or you may choose to give your presentation live.
  • A PDF/PowerPoint copy of your slides used in your presentation

Deadline is extended to January 24.  Awards will be announced by the end of the conference.  If you have uploaded your oral presentation materials, and mentioned “award submission” in the File description field, you will be considered.  If you neglected to do that at upload, please email by to let us know you would like to be considered.


 Your standard poster materials (2-3 minute recording and slides) are sufficient for consideration for Best Poster.  We will review all presentations we received by the Poster deadline, or which requested an extension.

NASN Awards Criteria

Awards will be judged by the Awards committee using a standard rubric. Criteria include:

  1. If applicable, you want to make direct eye contact with your camera frequently, seldom looking at notes.
  2. Video of yourself is not required, however, use of fluctuations in volume and inflection helps to maintain interest and emphasize key points.

Content and Organization

  1. Your talk structure is easy to understand and follow.
  2. You explain and elaborate on lesser-known core concepts; you make you talk so that anyone at NASN can understand and learn from this it.
  3. You provide clear purpose and subject; pertinent examples, facts, and/or statistics; you support your conclusions/ideas with evidence.

Enthusiasm and Outreach

  1. Demonstrate strong enthusiasm about your topic during entire presentation.
  2. You present your talk in a way that fosters understanding and knowledge of the topic among a broad audience; convincingly highlighting the validity and importance of the subject you have chosen.

We wish you well and hope your presentation is a finalist in the NASN award ceremony.
For questions, email and