NASN 2021: Posters

Poster Lightning Session

3:00 PM - 4:40 PM

Join us for a lightning-format poster session. You may also browse through poster recording and slides before the session. Authors will be on hand to chat and answer questions during the lightning round.

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  Title of Poster   Authors   Recording    Slides
1 Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Technical and Financial Communities and Their Connective Actions in Stock Market Movement: Evidence from Pharmaceutical Industry During COVID-19 Di Wu, Zhenning Xu and Ji Li  Link to Recording  Link to Slides
2 Anatomy of COVID19 Tracing in the Digital Era: A Network Analysis of Contact Tracing Apps on Twitter Zhenning Xu, Di Wu and Yong Choi  Link to Recording   Link to Slides
3 A Graph Signal Processing Approach to Analyzing COVID-19 Data Joseph Downs, Elizabeth Reilly, Anshu Saksena, Marisel Villafane-Delgado, Rahul Hingorani and Kevin Schultz  Link to Recording   Link to Slides
4 Influence of Network Attributes on Concordance between Sentiment and Positive Aspects of Caregiving in Rare Disease Families Hannah Davidson, Melissa Zajdel, Laura Koehly and Raphael Heiberger  Link to Recording    Link to Slides
5 Modeling Stimulant Use and Its Impact on the HIV Care Continuum via Agent Based Network Models Francis Lee, Aditya Khanna and John Schneider  Link to Recording  
6 Social Network Influence on Syphilis Testing for Black Men Who Have Sex With Men Omeid Heidari, Karin Tobin, Fang-Ying Li and Carl Latkin     Link to Slides
7 The Ego-Centric Social Networks of Aging Lesbian and Gay Individuals Living in Rural Communities: Influences on Identity and Health Marc Guest, Elizabeth Hunter, Nancy Schoenberg and Kate Eddens  Link to Recording   Link to Slides
8 Body image concerns among college women: An egocentric network analysis Mandy Spadine, Taylor Graves-Boswell, Tyler Prochnow and Megan Patterson  Link to Recording   Link to Slides
9 An egocentric analysis of adolescent-adult social support networks, attitudes towards violence and retaliation, and violence exposure Alexander T. Riley, Gabrielle Corona, Elizabeth Miller, Kathleen M. Carley and Alison J. Culyba  Link to Recording   Link to Slides
10 Improving Food and Nutrition in the CARICOM: Enhancing Nevis’s School Meals Program through a Local and Sustainable Food Procurement System Oacia Fair and Gordon Hickey     Link to Slides
11 Know-how or Know-who: Sociocultural Upbringing and Organizational Social Networks (Poster Presentation) Jacqueline Tilton and Kristie Moergen  Link to Recording   Link to Slides
12 Effects of replacing directors in the board interlocking networks on firm performance in the stock market Jing Tang and Scott Feld  Link to Recording   Link to Slides
13 Examining Inter-firm Relationships in the Mobile Phone Industry Zhenning Xu, Edward Ramirez, Gary Frankwick and Mohsen Attaran  Link to Recording   Link to Slides
14 Network Dynamics of Scientific Knowledge Reveal the Decline of the Conceptual Core Kara Kedrick, Ekaterina Levitskaya and Russell Funk  Link to Recording   Link to Slides
15 Statistical properties and measures of country liner shipping networks   Withdrawn Daria Ulybina and William Frankenstein    
16 Mapping social perceptions of dry tropical forest degradation in Jalisco, Mexico. Noemí García, Alfonso Langle and Julieta Rosell  Link to Recording   Link to Slides