Sunbelt Information for Presenters

Guidelines for Speakers       Guidelines for Posters

Guidelines for Speakers - Paper presentation
Before Sunbelt, slide kit preparation
  • We invite you to prepare your presentation using the guidelines mentioned below.

  • Your paper is part of a session which consists of 4-5 speakers in total. For your presentation 15 minutes speaking time and 5minutes for Q/A is reserved.

  • Chairs must strictly maintain net speaking times and must interrupt if the presenter does not finish on time.

  • Prepare your slides in landscape orientation and standard 16:9 format ratio. Here you can find the guidelines on how to change the format of your presentation.

  • Standard laptops and audio-visual equipment provided by the venue will be used in the lecture room. You will be able to operate your slides by means of a remote control. We do not recommend to use your own laptop. Please make sure that your laptop has a HDMI connection if you would like to do so anyway.

  • Projector, screen, sound equipment, remote control and a Windows laptop are available in each lecture room.Should you require special audio-visual equipment, please contact the Conference Secretariat well in advance. Otherwise we cannot guarantee the availability.

  • All presentations should be pre-loaded on the equipment in the presentation room for a smooth flow of the session. Presentations will be deleted from this equipment at the end of Sunbelt see also below).

  • Always bring your final presentation on a USB memo stick(or other storage device) to the congress venue.

During Sunbelt 
  • Upon arrival at the Sunbelt Conference venue we would kindly like to ask you to check in at the Registration Desk and check the final program for possible scheduling changes for your presentation.

  • Please upload and preview your slides to make sure they appear correctly. You can do this during the coffee and lunch breaks on the day of your presentationin your presentation room.

  • Meet your session’s chairpersons 15 minutes before the session starts in the presentation room.

  • In the vicinity of all meeting rooms, staff will be present for assistance.

  • When speaking, make sure to face the microphone for good-quality sound.

  • Session chairs will strictly maintain net speaking times and may interrupt you in case of a time overrun (see above for time guidelines)

Some advice for Mac users

  • Never use the Copy/Paste or Drag/Drop functions when inserting images in your presentation.  In PowerPoint, choose Insert:

    • Image

    • Image from file

    • then select your image

  • Image formats should be JPEG or GIF

  • Video inserted in your presentation should be in AVI or MPEG format.  In PowerPoint, choose Insert:

    • Film & sound

    • Film from a file

  • Fonts may be different in the Mac and PC environment. We suggest that you use common fonts like ARIAL, HELVETICA, TAHOMA, VERDANA, and for symbols WINGDIGS, WEBDINGS, SYMBOL fonts. 

Guidelines for Posters
  • For proper display at the venue, your poster size should stay within the following maximum dimensions (Portrait):  

    • Width:900mm      Height:2000mm

  • When preparing your poster, use adequate letter type and size to ensure good readability. Well-designed figures, graphs and tables will enhance the attractiveness of your poster.

  • Poster boards in the poster area will be numbered and ordered by means of the abstract code (beginning with the letters P) appearing in the scheduling confirmation sent to you. You will also find your abstract code in the final program on the Sunbelt website. We suggest you mention the abstract code on your poster for the convenience of poster viewers.

  • The title on your poster should be identical to the title of the corresponding abstract.

  • Posters should show the names of all contributing authors appearing on the abstract and the affiliation of the presenting author.

  • Posters should be mounted on the day your poster is scheduled 10 minutes before the session starts. Mounting materials will be available in the poster area.

  • The presenting author should be in the vicinity of his/her poster during the poster viewing session on ________ to share the important points of your paper.

  • You are advised to bring hard copies of your poster as handouts or allow visitors to leave their email address.

  • Your poster should be removed from the poster board within 20 minutes after your poster session. Posters not removed by the presenters will be removed by the organizers.