Sunbelt 2020:  List of Organized Sessions with Authors

Abstracts by Index number

Title Authors Index Number
Addressing inequalities in social capital Christopher Munn and Kane Needham 143
Advances in Socio-Semantic Network Analysis Iina Hellsten, Johanne Saint-Charles and Nikita Basov 70
Applying Complex Network Analysis to Industrial Risk Studies Rushed Kanawati, Martin Atzmueller and Mohamed Hibti 86
Big data and networks Deena Abul-Fottouh, John Mclevey and David Tindall 115
Blockmodeling multilevel, dynamic or temporal and linked networks Aleš Žiberna 72
Bridging Micro and Macro through Social Network Analysis and Agent-Based Computational Simulations Federico Bianchi, Andreas Flache, Gianluca Manzo and Károly Takács 148
Business Networks in China Sonja Opper 95
Causal Inference and Social Network Analysis Sebastián Martínez 84
Collaboration networks Maria Prosperina Vitale, Giuseppe Giordano and Giancarlo Ragozini 121
Combined uses of social network analysis and geometric data analysis to design fields and uncover relational processes Fabien Eloire, Elisa Klüger, Thierry Rossier and Marco Serino 46
Computational Social Science and Social Network Theory James Kitts 39
Corporate Networks Roy Barnes, Tarun Banerjee, Joshua Murray, Catherine Comet, Bruno Cousin, Francois-Xavier Dudouet, Jules Naudet, Mohamed Oubenal and Antoine Vion 25
Criminal network analysis Nynke Niezink and Paolo Campana 44
Egocentric Network Panel Studies: Complexities of examining personal networks and health over time Stephanie Child 21
Family Networks and Health J. Jill Suitor and Laura Koehly 53
Findings from the UC Berkeley Social Network Study: A panel study of egocentric networks among young and late middle-age adults Stephanie Child 20
Gender and social networks Elisa Bellotti and Emily N. Cyr 59
Hypergraphs, from theory to applications Floriana Gargiulo and Timoteo Carletti 54
Inference and Generalisability in Modelling Samples of Networks and Multi-Level Network Data Pavel N. Krivitsky and Marijtje A. J. van Duijn 68
Leadership & Networks Cécile Emery, Alexandra Gerbasi, & Kristin Cullen-Lester 5
Leveraging Social Networks to Reduce Obesity Across the Lifespan Alena Borgatti and Lindsay Stager 140
Mesa Hispana de Análisis de Redes Sociales- Hispanic Organized Session of SNA Carlos Contreras-Ibáñez, Alejandro García Macías and Francisca Ortiz 98
Methods and tools for the reconstruction of socio-semantic networks Quentin Lobbe and David Chavalarias 80
Methods for constructing and analyzing discussion networks from social media data John McLevey and Anabel Quan-Haase 117
Modeling Network Dynamics Tom Snijders, Christian Steglich, Christoph Stadtfeld, Nynke M. D. Niezink, James Hollway and Per Block 109
Multimode networks and projections: Methods and applications Zachary Neal, François Briatte, Rachel Domagalski, Giuseppe Giordano, Marion Maisonobe, Giancarlo Ragozini, Bruce Sagan and Maria Prosperina Vitale 123
Negative Ties and Signed Graphs Filip Agneessens, Samin Aref, Nicholas Harrigan, Joe Labianca and Zachary Neal 29
Network analysis for the science of science Aliakbar Akbaritabar, Raffaele Vacca, Christopher McCarty and Flaminio Squazzoni 146
Network Approaches for Studying Social-Ecological System Lorien Jasny and Örjan Bodin 77
Network Ecology: Tie formation in context(s) Malte Doehne, Daniel McFarland and James Moody 114
Network Interventions Kate Eddens, Sebastian Stevens and Tom Valente 151
Network methods for implementation science Angela Spencer and Karla Wagner 137
Network Science & Law Fabien Tarissan 12
Networks and Cultures Christian Stegbauer and Iris Clemens 83
Networks and knowledge production Marina Hennig and Bastian Laier 41
Networks and Mis/Disinformation Deena Abul-Fottouh and John Mclevey 116
Networks and Prosocial Behavior David Melamed 1
Networks and the study of the human past Julie Birkholz, Henning Hillmann, Martin Stark and Bernd Wurpts 82
Networks of Economic life: Relational processes within economic organizations and markets Fabien Eloire, Julien Brailly, Guillaume Favre, Elise Penalva-Icher and Paola Tubaro 40
Networks, Collective Action, and Social Movements. David Tindall and Mario Diani 31
Networks, communities and neighbourhood-based organizations Andrea Salvini, Francesca Pallotti and Guido Conaldi 142
Organizational Networks Spyros Angelopoulos, Emmanuel Lazega, Francesca Pallotti, and Paola Zappa 14
Organizational Networks in Health Care Francesca Pallotti, Daniele Mascia and Federica Angeli 127
Personal networks and Life events Claire Bidart and Shira Offer 90
Policy Networks Valentina Kuskova and Dmitry Zaytsev 136
Political Networks Manuel Fischer and Petr Ocelik 24
Psychological Perspectives in Social Network Analysis Holger von der Lippe and Helge Giese 99
Qualitative Structural Analysis Andreas Herz, Luisa Peters and Inga Truschkat 97
Recent advances in Social Network Analysis in the French-speaking world (Presentations are in French with English slides) Sébastien Plutniak and Renáta Hosnedlová 107
Recent Advances in Statistical Analysis and Mathematical Modeling of Big Network Data Frederick Kin Hing Phoa, Chen-Hsiang Yeang, Wei-Chung Liu, Tso-Jung Yen, Ming-Yueh Huang and Hohyun Jung 42
Relational and network Chains Marie-Pierre Bes and Michel Grossetti 19
Revisiting the “Boundary Specification Problem” in the digital age Philipp Brandt, Katharina Burgdorf and Sebastian Pink 34
SCIENTIFIC NETWORKS Anuška Ferligoj and Daria Maltseva 126
Session in Honor of H. Russell Bernard Christopher McCarty and Jeffrey Johnson 52
Social Influence Tom Snijders, Christian Steglich, Andras Vörös, Zsófia Boda and Isabel Raabe 110
Social mobilization and online collective action Jean-Philippe Cointet, Sylvain Parasie and Dominique Cardon 139
Social network analysis and mental health Anna Greenburgh and Jack Andrews 73
Social Network Analysis for Analyzing Emergence and Innovation Networks of Emerging Sectors Shihhsin Chen, Duenkai Chen and Simon Huang 28
Social network research in migration, mobility and transnationalism studies Raffaele Vacca, Başak Bilecen, Marian-Gabriel Hâncean, Renáta Hosnedlová and Tommaso Vitale 150
Social Networks and Climate Change. David Tindall, Mark Stoddart and John McLevey 32
Social Networks and Health Inequalities Andreas Klaerner, Markus Gamper, Sylvia Keim-Klärner, Lea Ellwardt and Holger von der Lippe 18
Social Networks and Learning Katerina Bohle Carbonell, Ariana Garrote, Mathias Mejeh, Carolina Banuelos and Britta Wittner 147
Social Networks and Social AI: Advances in the Study of Human-Autonomy Networks Aaron Schecter 96
Social networks in organized space Johannes Glückler and Robert Panitz 38
Social Networks, Substance Use, and Sexual Health Lindsay Young and John Schneider 22
Social networks: what insights for the transition toward sustainable agriculture? Vanesse Labeyrie and Christine Raimond 75
Social Relationships Within and Between Ethnic Groups Bonnie Erickson 36
Social support and health Guy Harling 3
Spatial Dimensions of Personal and Social Networks Gil Viry, Christoph van Duelmen, Marion Maisonobe and Andreas Klaerner  88
Substance and externalities of network broker behavior Ron Burt and Giuseppe Soda 50
Taking stock of social capital research: achievements and blind spots Beate Volker and Lijun Song 85
Texts and Network Analysis: Methodological Advances Brandon Sepulvado, Marshall Taylor and Debbie Kim 61
The duality of workers and workplaces: new network approaches to labor market and social inequalities Olivier Godechot and Lasse Folke Henriksen 141
The intersection of social norms and social networks Holly Shakya 37
The Networked Question in the Digital Era:  Evidence about how Networked and Bounded Individuals Connect to People, Institutions, and Information Barry Wellman 102
The social networks of specific occupational groups Fruzsina Albert and Beáta Dávid 65
Using Network Research for Impact Evaluation Cathleen M. Stuetzer, Jana Diesner and Stephanie Gaaw 4
Words and Networks Jana Diesner, Peter Gloor, Wouter Van Atteveldt, Andrea Fronzetti Colladon, Francesca Greco, Keiichi Satoh, Yixi Yang and Adam Howe 118