Sunbelt 2022 Code of Conduct


Sunbelt 2022 is committed to providing an environment that is free of harassment of any kind for all the activities associated with it, whether in-person or online, including the informal components such as the conference dinner and the hospitality suite (hereafter, “Sunbelt 2022 activities”). Therefore, all INSNA members and other participants in Sunbelt 2022 activities, are expected to treat each other and service providers professionally and respectfully. The purpose of this code of conduct is to prevent harassment at Sunbelt 2022 activities and take immediate action should any harassment occur.

Unacceptable behaviors

Sunbelt 2022 will not tolerate any behavior generally known as offensive, demeaning, humiliating, intimidating, threatening, or verbally or physically aggressive, abusive, or disruptive. Unacceptable behaviors include:

  • Epithets, ridicule, mockery, and slurs related to a person’s race, color, national or ethnic origin (ancestry), religion (creed), age, life and career stages, gender, gender expression,  sexual orientation, physical or mental abilities or any other ground, or to characteristics related to grounds of discrimination such as a person’s dress or speech.
  • Singling out a person for humiliating or demeaning “jokes” and insults, ridicule, name calling, bullying, and intimidation
  • Unwelcome sexual attention
  • Unwelcome physical contact and physical assaults
  • Actual and implied veiled threats of harm
  • Posting or circulating messages, pictures, or materials, whether in print or electronically, that is offensive or hostile toward an individual or group
  • Sustained verbal or physical disruption of speakers or events
  • Incitement of any of these or other unacceptable behaviors
  • Retaliation against anyone who reports harassment or other unacceptable behaviors, assists another individual to report,  or participates in an investigation of such a claim


All members of INSNA and other participants in Sunbelt 2022 activities are expected to uphold and abide by this policy at Sunbelt 2022 by (1) not committing any form of harassment, (2) reporting any form of harassment experienced or witnessed to the staff leading Sunbelt 2022; and (3) cooperating fully in investigations of allegations of harassment.

In the case that harassment is reported, the Sunbelt 2022 Organizing committee will take immediate action to take appropriate measures that stop the offenders and help those experiencing harassment feel safe, for instance, by contacting local law enforcement or security or providing escorts. Reports of harassment will be kept confidential to the greatest extent feasible.

Any Sunbelt 2022 Organizers who have a significant conflict of interest will recuse themselves from overseeing this policy.

Consequences of misconduct

When harassment of any form is reported, members of the Sunbelt 2022 Organizing Committee will ask the offender(s) to stop their behaviour immediately and take the necessary legal steps, if applicable. It is at our discretion to expulse the offenders from the event without a refund. Incidents will also be reported to the INSNA president, and the INSNA board can vote to take further action.

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