Sunbelt 2023 Information for Presenters

Presenters will connect to the conference session via a Zoom link provided within Whova. This link will become available 10 minutes prior to your scheduled session. You will be able to share your screen and slides and present as you would in a normal Zoom Meeting session.


Steps to present virtually at your scheduled time:

    1. Have your slides ready to share
    2. Enter the Conference on Whova and enter your session approximately 10 minutes before show time
      1. Find your session in the Whova agenda (left menu)
      2. Select “View Session”
      3. When prompted, “how would you like to join the session?”, select “Join in Zoom”
      4. This will exit you from Whova and take you to the native Zoom app where you will join the Zoom Meeting.
    3. If you enter early, you may be viewing the end of the previous session.  A volunteer session monitor may be present on the Zoom call to keep time and alert presenters of when their time is up.
    4. During the transition between presentations, you will be able to unmute, turn on your video, and share your screen.
    5. Your session chair will assist with facilitating questions.


After your session concludes:

  • Attendees may continue to post questions in the Whova Q&A for your session.  Check back to your session to submit answers. 
  • Re-enter Whova to participate in other sessions.


Note about time:  Please be mindful of session start and end times. Online time slots are limited and if you miss your slot, there are no other virtual presentation slots available. The conference is presented in Portland local time, US Pacific time zone. If you are outside of that time zone, Whova provides a toggle button to switch between your local time zone and the event’s time zone in the top left corner (web browser) or just below the header (home and agenda screens on mobile app).

  • Papers are 15 minutes with 5 minutes of questions for each speaker.


  • Please show up to your session 10-15 minutes early so you can meet your Session Chair and either upload your presentation onto the Session’s Chair laptop, or test your own device in the room.


  • Your Session Chair will monitor time and use signs to aid presenters in keeping time. You will be alerted when you have 5 minutes remaining, 2 minutes remaining, and when you need to STOP presenting.  If there is no Session Chair present, please come find a volunteer at the registration desk to help.


  • Please stop at your session’s end time and be mindful of time and transitions.  The next session may be within 10-minutes of your end time and the next session will need to set-up.


  • An LCD Projector, Screen, and HDMI Cables will be provided in each room.  Session chairs are responsible for providing a laptop and the necessary dongle/adaptor to connect your laptop to the HDMI cable from the projector. Session chairs can reach out to other participants in the days before the session to make sure one member of the session brings a laptop with appropriate connection in case the chair cannot bring a laptop. If you would prefer to present from your own device, that is fine – just make sure it has the ability to connect via HDMI.


  • Wi-Fi is available for attendees at the conference venue. However, all attendees will be sharing the same connection and internet connections may not be reliable during presentations.  Due to limited bandwidth, synchronous participation or interaction (Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, etc.) is not allowed at any point in your session at the conference. The Wi-Fi infrastructure in the hotel cannot sustain multiple virtual presenters.

  • Hotel AV staff and conference volunteers will be roving the breakout rooms throughout the day should you need assistance.